• One stay is a tourist product in which one benefits and the provision of accommodation for one or more nights. Of special conditions apply to this type of product. They apply to all sales transactions concluded by Cognac Tasting Tour with non-travel professionals.

  • Any customer Cognac Tasting Tour acknowledges the capacity to contract under the conditions described in the sales conditions presented below. That is of legal age of 18 and not under guardianship or curatorship. These conditions are part of the contract of sale.

  • Any customer Cognac Tasting Tour acknowledges the special and general conditions of sale as well as all the terms of the proposal before placing his order. Taking control therefore brings the entire membership of the customer to the general and special conditions of sale Cognac Tasting Tour. Any derogation for the customer will not bring any innovation to these conditions. The total or partial invalidity of any provision of particulars does not imply the invalidity of their remaining provisions.

I) Purchase online voucher

1-1 : Purchase online voucher

Cognac Tasting Tour offers the opportunity for customers to order online. Our online store has been developed to allow the customer to Cognac Tasting Tour to shop vouchers corresponding exchange for tourist stays of no fixed completion date.

  • Physical conditions :

    The customer also undertakes to fulfill the physical and moral conditions necessary for a successful stay and follow the instructions given in the description of the selected room.

1-2 : Using the online shop

To order online, the customer must select the product, put it in the shopping cart and make a purchase online.

1-3 : Accepted Payments

Cognac Tasting Tour accepts payments by :

  • Credit Card of the European Union only (Credit card, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard)

  • Postal or bank checks drawn on a French institution. The check must be established in order Cognac Tasting Tour.

  • Transfers: bank transfer charges are the responsibility of the customer.

  • The regulations in this case are only accepted for payments made in the offices of Cognac Tasting Tour.

  • Holiday checks for the full amount without insurance. Only ANCV checks are accepted.

1-4 : Secure paiment

Payments by credit card from our shop are managed in encrypted mode by our bank, CIC. Cognac Tasting Tour takes all necessary precautions to ensure total data security credit cards. To do so, Cognac Tasting Tour uses the SSL security protocol exchanges (Secure Socket Layer). To ensure absolute data security credit card, the information is entered only on the website of our bank and are not archived.

1-5 : Delivery of voucher

Once the customer has made the purchase online, the order will be processed within 24 hours, a voucher will be her default emailed or if the envelope gift option is selected by post.

1-6: Cancellation policy

If buying online for a date or a specific periodicity :

In the application of article L.121- 20-4 of the Consumer Code , when buying the customer have made for a date or a specific frequency, there is no withdrawal period possible.

If online shopping is not about a date or a specific periodicity :

In application of Article L. 212-20 of the Consumer Code , if the purchase is not made for a date or a specific frequency, the consumer has a period of seven days from the receipt of the acceptance of the offer of service to exercise his right of withdrawal. Cognac Tasting Tour will then reimburse the consumer the total amount paid in the best delay and at the latest within 30 days following the date on which this right is exercised.

1-7: Cancellation purchase online

Cancellation Policy :

If the client wishes to cancel a purchase made in the online store, it must be requested by mail with acknowledgment of receipt .

The agreement by our agency Cognac Tasting Tour to cancel a purchase online is given solely by applying the Conditions in force at the time of purchase.

Refund in case of cancellation :

Cognac Tasting Tour accept cancellations only in the application of Article 1-6 on the time of withdrawal.

1-8: Assignment of voucher

Possibility of selling its voucher :

At any time , the client may assign its voucher to a third party . This is particularly the case when buying a gift envelope.

Conditions to sell its voucher :

To give his order , inform Cognac Tasting Tour in writing no later than 7 days before the arrival date , by specifying the names and addresses of the transferor and participating in subsistence and justifying that it meets the same conditions as to make him stay .

Loss of voucher :

The agency Cognac Tasting Tour disclaims any responsibility for the loss of the voucher , which remains the responsibility of the customer


II) Booking of the trip: use voucher

2-1: Using the voucher during its period of validity

Throughout the period of validity of the good, the holder may contact the agency or partner to choose a date of completion . Upon confirmation of the availability of the stay, the booking will be considered effective . A change in the start date of stay results in a cancellation of the booking .
It is the rule in international hotel to take possession of the room booked from 14:00 and release it before noon. In any case , the agency Cognac Tasting Tour will depart from this rule. Any room taken or made before 14:00 afternoon will be considered a night consumed.
Prices are based on a number of nights and not days .

2-2: Using the voucher outside of the period of validity

If the voucher is not valid, the stay can not be achieved.
Nevertheless, the period of validity may be extended. For this, the wearer must contact us to request an extension. Insofar as it involves administrative changes for the agency Cognac Tasting Tour will be asked bearer of good additional costs will be proportional to the type of room selected .
The extension request must be made no later than the month following the period of validity.
Past the end date extension period , the unused new coupon is definitely not exchangeable , without refund of any kind.

2-3: Changing the contents stay in the client's initiative

Modifications to the contents of a stay will be to accept a quote by the client.

2-4: Cancellation of stay in the client's initiative

Every journey interrupted , shortened or any service not used by the customer will not be entitled to any refund. If the customer has purchased an optional coverage in particular the interruption of stay, he must comply with the cancellation terms in the General and special conditions of the insurance policy .

2-5: Changing the stay at the initiative of the agency

Always possible due to uncertainties in lesséjours , participants are warned that what is described is their rule but they can see and be subject to exceptions. If essential elements must be changed before the start, the customer will be notified by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the customer offer letter :
be able to cancel his stay free
is the possibility to subscribe to a new service offered by Cognac Tasting Tour . The customer will provide its response within 72 hours from the receipt of the letter informing him of the change in case the departure date is more than 30 days , within 48 hours if the departure date is between 30 and 15 days and 24 hours if departure is within 15 days.
Accordance with Article 103 of Decree 1994 , if, during the trip , one of the providers Cognac Tasting Tour can provide a major part of the services under the contract represents a significant part , Cognac Tasting Tour must:
or offer your services as a replacement at no extra cost .
In the absence of agreement within the contractual deadlines set out in Article 6.2.2 , Cognac Tasting Tour will be forced to cancel the trip.

2-6: Cancellation of stay at the initiative of Cognac Tasting Tour

Pursuant to Article 102 of the Decree of 15 June 1994 which states that " In the case provided for in Article 21 of the Law of 13 July 1992, when, before the departure of the purchaser , the seller cancels the trip or stay , he must inform the buyer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt , the purchaser, without prejudice to recourse in redress of possibly incurred damages, obtains from the seller immediate replacement without penalty amounts paid and the buyer receives in this case , compensation at least equal to the penalty he would have paid if the cancellation was due to him that day. The provisions of this article do not in any way prevent the conclusion of an amicable agreement for the acceptance by the buyer , a traveler or stay substitution proposed by the seller " if Cognac Tasting Tour was forced to cancel a stay bought ( except in cases of force majeure), the customer would be notified by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt . The aggregate amount paid to him would be immediately restored. The customer would be entitled to compensation equal to the penalty he would have paid if the cancellation was the fact, without prejudice to recourse in redress of possibly incurred damages .

Force majeure :

If the cancellation is caused by circumstances of force majeure or relating to the safety of passengers, the customer can not claim any compensation .

Minimum number of participants:

The design may incorporate a minimum number of people below which the service provider reserves the right not to deliver . In this case , Cognac Tasting Tour notify the Customer by any means. The customer is immediately refunded all monies paid . The Customer may not claim damages . In some cases delivery can be maintained despite the lack of participants at an additional cost that may eventually asked the customer.