The guarantee a secure payment

Payments by credit card from our shop are run in mode encrypts our bank CIC. Cognac Tasting takes all necessary precautions to ensure complete safety of data credit cards. To do this Cognac Tasting Tour uses the security protocol exchanges SSL (Secure Socket Layer). To ensure absolute security of data credit cards information is entered only on the Internet site of our bank and are not archivees.Il therefore there is no risk as to the security of information transmitted and you can make your purchases on our shop in all tranquility.

Means of payment

Cognac Tasting Tour accepts payment by :

- Credit Card of the European Union only (Carte Bleue Visa Eurocard Mastercard).
- Postal or bank checks drawn on a French institution.
- The check should be made payable to Cognac Tasting Tour: The wire transfer fees are then in charge of the client.
- Cash payments are accepted only for payments made at the offices of Cognac Tasting Tour. The holiday checks for the full amount without insurance. Only holiday checks are accepted ANCV.

For reservations actual carried less than 7 days from the beginning of the benefit (stay excursion or activity) regulations card or bank transfer aren't accepted. For a beginning of the benefit the day of the reservation request only online payments by french credit card are accepted.

Price and payment

All prices are displayed in Euros. They must be audited at the time of registration. The VAT is always comprise.Toute actual booking request gives rise to the payment by the client of the toal amount of the benefit. In case of cancellation by the Client the amount refunded by Cognac Tasting Tour is calculated by applying the Particular Conditions of Use of the Service.

The fixed price travel time varies according to the period of execution of the travel and / or number of participants. Therefore any dispute relating to the cost of living or the circuit should not be take into account as soon as the reservation request is effective.

In accordance with Article 19 of the Law of 13 July 1992 Cognac Tasting Tour reserves the right to modify its prices rising as a lower to reflect significant differences between the effective date of booking and the beginning of the benefit :

a) The cost of transport including the cost of fuel 

b) Royalties and taxes relating to services included in the Service. Revision intervene by passing only the extra cost Cognac Tasting Tour have to bear.

A revision of prices can not be earlier than 30 days before the start date of Delivery. Pursuant to this article changes in the cost of transport will be reflected in proportion to their share in the calculation of the amount of the price of reserved Benefit. If upper 10% increase of the total price inclusive of the service the Customer may cancel the booking without charge provided the notice of cancellation by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt in Cognac Tasting Tour in the best delays. Failing this the cancellation fee specified in the separate Terms of Sale will Benefit invoices to the Client.